The Mission

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  1. Hi President, I'm kind of having a rough time figuring out the best way to contact you, so I'm giving this a shot. My name is James Roy Shupe III, and I was recently called to serve a mission in the New Hampshire Manchester Mission. I report to the Provo MTC on November 20th, and I'm super excited! So, my reason for contacting you is to ask your permission for me to bring my violin on my mission. I am a sixth generation pioneer fiddler, and my violin is really an extension of my body. All my ancestors on the Shupe side played the fiddle as they walked across the plains. My dad works as a full time musician, and I have been playing since I was five. So, I have seen the effects of music on people my whole life. For example, once while playing at a rest home, an elderly woman who had not left her room for seven years, after playing for her, she got up and told us she was coming with us. I garantee that me having my violin with me will in no way hinder my missionary work. It can only benefit those I teach. I'm not bringing it in order to keep up on my practicing, but to use it to help invite the spirit. So I ask please let me bring my violin, I've prayed about it and feel it would only help. So, if you get this, let me know what you think, and if I don't hear anything from you, I think I'll bring it!
    Thanks a ton, can't wait to serve with you!

    Jimmy Shupe